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Don’t just take our word for it. Hear from organizations who’ve embarked on transformative journeys with Mosaic Business & AI Consulting.

“In working with Jeff, the difference has been day and night.”

Michael Jeffreys

CEO, Seminars on Demand

“Jeff is masterful, both in his depth and breadth of his ability and experience.”

Elli Altman

Community Manager, VSM

“It just blows my mind.”

Jeff has a unique approach. It’s not like he came in and said, “I’m the guru, here is Jeff’s plan of knowledge and you must conform to my 15 tenants.” He’s literally comes in and asks, what do you want to do? Well, I want to do this. Well, what’s keeping you from doing that? OK, let’s fix this. Do you know how to fix it? Just pull this thing out. It’s not in the way now, what’s next? And so we have accelerated where we’ve gone since we started six months ago. Now it just blows my mind. And there’s nothing that we’ve done that was offline to what I planned to do. It’s just there’s no way we’d be sitting here now, if Jeff wasn’t involved.

Scott Lovejoy

Founder/Owner, Back to the Past Collectibles

“Jeff helps you find the right answers for your unique business.”

When a business is seeking change or they’re weathering change or they’re seeking something transformative in their business, it makes a world of difference to have Jeff guiding that. Jeff isn’t telling them what to do, but helping them find the right answers for their unique business. Jeff examines a business through a holistic lens, looking at the entirety of the business, from the perspective of not just what is wrong and what do we need to fix, but how do all of these elements work together? And how do our people collaborate? And how do these different roles collaborate in a way that is going to continue moving the business forward? Making things move faster, but making it move more purposefully, making it move more efficiently to achieve desired outcomes. 

Emily Karlichek

Marketing Manager, Snap One

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