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About Jeff

Business Consultant & Speaker

Jeff Zupancic is the founder of Mosaic Business Consulting. More than anything, Jeff loves working with CEOs, leaders, and teams in pursuing opportunities, solving problems, and resolving issues—it fuels him. The key to it all is a deep, deep caring for each individual affected by the opportunity/issue at hand. Jeff focuses exclusively on win-win-win strategies and actions plans. For sustainability, success, and significance, everything must be in balance—a win for customers/clients—a win for team members/employees—a win for leaders/principals/founders.


What Jeff can do for your Business


How to develop your leadership capabilities as your business grows –your team longs for and expects it


How to collaborate as well as identify and cultivate individual strengths to fuel success


How to create connection, as well as develop and nurture relationships (online
and in-person)


What messaging connects with your target market so they are magnetized to your business


online presence

What your online presence (web, social media, etc.) says about your company and how to transform it


How to achieve balance for life-work and working in/on business–anything less creates strain and struggle


How to plan, fund, staff for growth and success

customer/employee satisfaction

How to let customers and employees know you authentically care and how it impacts success and significance


How to rediscover and harness your unique gifts and talents to serve others

Why Work With Jeff?

Jeff believes in and leverages a client-centric approach. Most consultants and coaches have a hard system that clients are forced to mold and adhere to…step-by-grinding-step. Jeff’s holistic approach is customized—meeting you exactly where you are in your business and your business goals. Strategizing and developing action plans that are focused on manageable outcomes in a short, defined timeline. This enables leaders and team members to focus only on the action items for a limited period, rather than feeling overwhelmed with the multitude of things that seemingly all need to be done “right now.” This “bite-sized” approach will have you achieving goal after goal in short order.

Corporate and business experience

Prior to founding Mosaic Business Consulting 14 years ago, Jeff spent 17 years in corporate in the areas of consulting, marketing, consumer insights, product development, and business operations serving Fortune 500 companies. He is adept at quickly understanding new sectors/segments, the critical challenges at hand and easily developing action plans that are laser-focused on the outcome—a skill set he learned, honed and has proven through his nine years with J.D. Power and Associates. Jeff provides an invaluable third-party perspective of the often-persistent issues an organization is facing.

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